A boss and The First Lady of Miami

A boss and The First Lady of Miami
August 1st 2016 by Shalaine Powell Presents
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Alicia was the ultimate gold digger. She loved money and when working and going to school wasn't enough to pay the bills, they say a girls got to do what a girls got to do. Alicia's lived a pretty normal life until she met the infamous Gunz. What was supposed to be another come up became a nightmare for her when she unexpectedly falls in love with Gunz. Gunz was the boss of Miami. He ran every part of it from the Port to the small businesses.

He was a legit business man by day and the connect by night. He ran his businesses well, especially with the help from the love of his life. That is until their love is put to the test; can Gunz handle all the problems his past is throwing at him and also deal with Alicia’s past as well? Can Alicia run from her past that keeps leading her back to her old ways. Alicia never wanted to be The First Lady of Miami, but everything had its perks especially when you had a love for money, power and respect.

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