UnBEARable Attraction

UnBEARable Attraction
March 30th 2015 by Red Lily Publishing
Goodreads Rating:

This is a STANDALONE SHORT. This is NOT a full-length book.

This short ends in a happily ever after with NO cliffhanger! Ashley Simone is a curvy coven witch on a mission.

Shifters have moved into her town and she wants them out. An incredible one-night stand leaves Ashley's magic craving more of the delectable sexual power only Callan can give her. When she finds out that Callan is a shifter -- everything she is against -- she can't give in to her basest desires any longer. Callan took one look at the innocent witch and knew she had to be his. His bear agreed.

Too bad she left faster than a jackrabbit once she found out what he was. He knows she wants him as much as he needs her and his bear won't rest until his mate is in his arms once again -- the only thing in his way other than her prejudice was a pack of wolf-shifters determined to take her down. This scorching hot short story is filled with fun-seeking heroines and the rugged Alpha shifters that can't get enough of their curves. Be prepared -- I don't leave out any of the dirty little details ;)

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