Confessions of a Super-Fit Vegan, or: ''I ate the food 'of the gods,' loaded up on carbs, forgot to count calories, and built the body of my dreams. You can too!''

Confessions of a Super-Fit Vegan, or: ''I ate the food 'of the gods,' loaded up on carbs, forgot to count calories, and built the body of my dreams. You can too!''
July 1st 2013 by Jeff Sekerak
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Look into that mirror after a few short weeks. You’re going to like what you see… On a diet rich in what I call the ‘food of the gods’ (raw, plant-based) your senses become sharp as an owl's. You see things I'd swear to it, others do not.

Your sense of smell becomes so acute, you can literally 'smell' the inner health - or lack of it - of others around you. A good thing, overall, I'd say. And during workouts? You often get a feeling of 'floating upon air,’ or of 'flying' on your feet during runs. Your breath becomes deeper, more measured, more controlled. Even emotional toxins end up in the toilet.

Sound 'crazy?' Well you might be amazed at how efficient natural fiber is - not only at scrubbing out physical toxins - yet likely those of a more 'spiritual' nature, as well. Your recovery from workouts becomes shorter. Your sleep patterns become as that of a child. Old habits, ones you'd rather not admit to having? They often 'go the way of the dinosaur,' as well. Add it all up, and what do you get? One heck of an invigorating way of life, I can tell you that. And what I now consider, after years of research, to be the healthiest way of eating, known to Man. Now, combine that with the most efficient workout plan you’ll ever try, and... You’ll burn body-fat ‘like crazy.’ You’ll sculpt lean, attractive muscle, from head to toe – the type that gets noticed, everywhere you go. AND, you’ll build a level of mental toughness unmatched by 9 of 10 people you’ll meet, anywhere on earth. All with a fitness system that takes just minutes a day to implement, requires absolutely ZERO equipment, and builds a body many might, ‘die for.’ In this book, I lay out every detail you’ll need about that EXACT fitness system - photographs, detailed exercise descriptions, my personal favorite workouts and more. Use them, and you’ll watch your fitness level soar to near, ‘inhuman’ levels.

And this, combined with the most health-producing diet known to Man. Here are just a few of the benefits I and many of my friends the world over have garnered, by embracing what I now call ‘the super-fit vegan way’ – the way you’ll read about in detail, in this book: • I ate as much of the right foods as I wanted, without putting on a single ounce of unsightly of fat. Oh and I got to forget about ‘counting calories’ forever - a great feeling.

• I discovered a simple set of exercises I could do, anywhere I could stand - and still got into the best shape of my life. I’ll never waste time driving to the gym again. • I learned a completely safe, low-cost method of clearing toxins from my digestive system and bloodstream.

This is one of the MAJOR KEYS TO A HAPPY, HEALTHY, DISEASE-FREE LIFE. You can do all the exercise in the world but if you don’t clean out your digestive system I found - you’ll most likely suffer health challenges in the future. Unnecessary ones, at that! • I learned to unleash MASSIVE amounts of natural human growth hormone during workouts, making me feel years younger. And this, with an exercise regimen needing no equipment whatsoever. • I built a fitness protocol around fast, 15 to 30-minute workouts. It burns fat like ‘crazy,’ builds lean, attractive muscle, AND creates a mental toughness unknown to the ‘mass of Man,’ I found. Yet it’s so simple, anyone can understand and use it, in minutes. Embrace this new way of living, for just a few short weeks, and THEN look into the mirror.

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