Obedient Bimbo

Obedient Bimbo
September 27th 2016 by Taken in Hand Erotica
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This is an erotic fantasy intended for adults only. If you are not interested in maledom or bimbofication erotica, please do not purchase this book. Holly is just another mousy girl who really hasn't made any real impression during her first two years of college. But then her older sister (Danielle) convinces Holly to get a job with Richard Aren as his research assistant. Officially, Holly’s duties include basic research and double checking his lab results. Holly has another goal in mind; she’s really there to steal his closest secrets for her big sister.

Danielle and Richard have been competing for years, so now Holly is just another weapon in the private war between these scientists. But there’s a problem. Richard knows exactly why Holly wants this gig. When she sneaks into his lab late one night, he finds her there, and he asks her if she would like to be a part of his research. He has a new device, and he needs a volunteer. Since she doesn't know what it’ll actually do to her, Holly says no. Obviously. Unfortunately for her, Richard has already made the decision for her, so he places that small microchip on the back of her neck, and her metamorphosis begins. Richard's device is straightforward. It hacks into her nervous system, rewiring Holly's most basic desires. Before, she was ambitious. Now, she’d rather be on her knees or spreading her legs for this man. She addresses him as “Sir,” she strips for him, and she follows his every command. When he finishes playing with her, Richard can just type in a few commands on his computer to delete whichever memories he doesn't want her to keep.

With the chip on her neck, Holly becomes his living sex doll. A little bit at a time, she is transformed into an airheaded, ditzy bimbo. Best of all, Richard has a special surprise waiting for his bimbo girl. Richard is going to milk her. Please be advised: This is a 22,000 word novella that includes bondage, bimbofication, humiliation, and lactation. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

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