The Plague of 1676: 11, 300 Deaths

The Plague of 1676: 11, 300 Deaths
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This book continues to confirm Fr Micallef - or Dun Guzepp as he was affectionately known in Maltese - as a historian who was not simply content to present a dry account of facts and figures but as a man who 'really cared'. A subject dealing with the outbreak of plague - and it was the worst in Malta's history at that - may probably be usually expounded in a series of graphs and figures. This would only be history in its driest form. But the author has delved much deeper than that.

He has presented an account which lays bare the very soul of all the people at large, be they knights, well-to-do or poor.

He has tried to show people's feelings and emotions, heroism and cowardice, love and selfishness, charity and avarice.

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