Robin Lockslay Episode One: The Honey Trap

Robin Lockslay Episode One: The Honey Trap
July 29th 2015 by Creative Cartel Publishing
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This is a Kindle Short Read Serial – Episode One of Ten. After Richard Lionhart catches Robin Lockslay, a thief with a heart of gold, stealing his family heirlooms, he hires her to ferret out corporate espionage at his charitable foundation. When two years later Richard goes missing, Robin must revisit her street urchin ways and join forces with some light fingered friends: Scarlett Wilson, Allana Dale, Jonina Little and the gallant Marius Day. Will she solve the mystery in time to save the man with whom she owes her life? This is Robin Hood as you've never seen her. In Robin's own words ... Nominative determinism. It’s a real thing, I kid you not. It’s the theory that a person’s name has inevitable power over the choices they make in life. So, when you hear my name is Robin Lockslay and I break locks, well, you can make up your own mind. It’s not like the first moment I understood what slay and lock meant, I gravitated toward a hairpin and shoved it in a padlock. Ha! No. There were a series of unfortunate events that led to the most complicated moment of my year. A moment where I ran for my life down the tarmac toward a private jet with the son of a billionaire and a case of stolen diamonds. Robin Lockslay is a romantic comedy packed full of adventure and with a dash of suspense. If you like your reads fun, quick and exciting, then this is the story for you. Each Episode will be released weekly on Amazon in bite sized pieces, perfect for those with busy schedules and lives to keep.

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