Jedadiah's Mail Order Bride

Jedadiah's Mail Order Bride
January 2nd 2014 by Susan Leigh Carlton
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Mail Order Brides came into being after The War Between The States saw thousands of young men killed, leaving the eastern part of the United States with a severe shortage of eligible young bachelors. In 1874, gold was discovered in the Dakota Territory. News of the discovery caused thousands of people to leave their homes for the gold fields in hopes of striking it rich.

Some did, most didn’t. The discouraged prospectors drifted into ranching and farming. Many moved into Montana and Wyoming. After a time they made a another discovery. Only, it wasn’t gold. They discovered there were no women to marry! This is the story of Jedadiah Elias Barnette, a discouraged miner turned farmer and rancher and Sarah Grace Hastings, a schoolteacher whose fiance was killed in the war. Through ads placed in The Matrimonial News, they corresponded. Sarah became Jedadiah’s mail order bride.

This is their story…

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