Ye Olde Metal: 1973-1975

Ye Olde Metal: 1973-1975
2007 by Power Chord Press
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Detailed examination of early hard rock albums, many lost to time. Through the use of new, exhaustive interviews with the band members who were there the focus being on one classic album - Martin meticulously pieces together the complete story of each album, lending his respected critical eye to the record, massaging in bucket loads of trivia previously unpublished.

The end result is a collection of essays that are surprising, funny, revealing, and scholarly.

These love letters to ancient metal should enrich the serious musicologists enjoyment of each record. Chapters: * Status Quo Pildedriver * Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies (chats with Alice, Dennis, Neil plus supporting research) * New York Dolls New York Dolls (Syl says some great stuff) * Uriah Heep Sweet Freedom (Mick and Ken good stuff on both David and Gary, R.I.P.) * Nazareth Loud N Proud (Manny Charlton & lots from Dan too) * Montrose Montrose (killer quotes from Sammy and Ronnie) * Bachman Turner Overdrive II (Randys got the best song stories) * Deep Purple Burn (mostly Glenn Hughes) * Robin Trower Bridge Of Sighs (Robin himself, some Geoff Emerick) * Buffalo Only Want You For Your Body (John Baxter and Dave Tice... hilarious Skirtlifter story) * Bachman Turner Overdrive Not Fragile (very cool stuff from Randy) * Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare (loads of Dick Wagner and Alice) * Nazareth Hair Of The Dog (mostly guitarist Manny Charlton, plus Dan gold 8-Track!) * The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! (mostly Andy Shernoff and Scott Top Ten Kempner) * ZZ Top Fandango (Dusty Hill excellent interview and song stories) * Budgie Bandolier (Burke Shelley many surprises) * Foghat Fool For The City (Roger Earl + material from 95 chat with Lonesome Dave, R.I.P.) * Deep Purple Come Taste The Band (Glenn provides the details; some Ian Paice as well)

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