The Metaphorical Suicide - A Guide to Hyperawareness

The Metaphorical Suicide - A Guide to Hyperawareness
January 22nd 2015
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You must kill who you aren't to become who you are. Cultural brainwashing has shaped you into who you are today. You are not based on YOU at all but on what outside influences have decided you should be. You are not who you are. Not everyone has the same level of awareness, in actuality, the difference between an individual with low self awareness and an individual with hyperawareness is similar to the difference in consciousness between an instinctual animal and a self aware human. The aim of this book is to notify the reader that different levels of consciousness exist and how one can begin to achieve these higher levels of consciousness.

Like a bodybuilder who must train to increase their muscle mass, one can increase their awareness by pushing and exploring the mind. This book also seeks to notify the reader of the cultural conditioning that has been installed into the minds of humanity to limit their consciousness. It outlines the dangers of religion and morality and how they greatly hinder growth as an individual and humanity at large. This book is not about faith, belief, conspiracy theory or mysticism. In fact, if you are a dogmatic religious believer or are closed minded in any way, this book is not for you. This book contains rational arguments, logic, philosophy, and mental techniques for consciousness expansion. Hyperawareness is the quintessence of logic and reason. There are many books out there promising you enlightenment and "spiritual awakening". This book gives you the truth about consciousness expansion without the fairytale garbage.

It provides methods to destroy mental barriers, to structure and organize the mind rationally for the maximization of consciousness, and techniques to explore the mind via marijuana and personality deconstruction. The Paradigm Shift is near.

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