Recruitment: A Beginner's Guide

Recruitment: A Beginner's Guide
December 16th 2013 by Toff Publishing
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Have you thought about becoming a Recruitment Consultant? Or have recently joined a recruitment company and you have little or no experience and are struggling to get proper training? If you have then this will be the book for you. this book covers in detail the day to day activities of what is expected of a Recruitment Consultant. I will cover: 1. The Recruitment Process 2. Understanding Sales 3. Sourcing Methods 4. Golden Rules of Candidate Sourcing 5. Candidate Qualification & Screening 6. CV Formatting 7. What to Look for in a CV 8. Calling the Candidate 9. Calling the Client 10.

Qualifying the Job Requirement 11. Preparing the Job Requirement 12.

Client Identification 13. Cold Calling 14. Preparing for Client Meeting 15. Preferred Supplier Agreements ...And Much More! This book will touch on the basics of what is required to be successful within the recruitment industry. I explain mark-up and margins as well as the different types of recruitment business that are in operation. I also explain the behavioural attitudes required to be successful and help aim for your ultimate goal which is to make as much money as you can. Fully Updated

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