How To Write A Novel - Simple and Powerful 4 Steps To Your First Novel

How To Write A Novel - Simple and Powerful 4 Steps To Your First Novel
November 20th 2013
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How to Write a Novel Simple and Powerful 4 Steps to Your First Novel John Locke sold 1 million copies in 5 months.

Amanda Hocking signed a publishing contract for 2 million dollars. J.A. Konrath is making 100k per month. Now it is your turn to make money. Write your first novel. This book has everything you need to write your novel. 5 Basic Things Every Novelist Needs to Know If you want to become a successful author, then you need to know these 5 basic things about novel writing. Every one of your novels should have these.

4 Steps to Writing Your First Novel The SIMPLE and POWERFUL 4-step process given in this book will help you write your first novel and publish it. Look no further. This is all you need. How to Create a Killer-Title Title is one of the first things a potential customer looks at. If the title is not captivative, he will bypass your book for something else. Learn the secrets of creating impressive and persuasive title. How to Create Eye-Catching Cover The cover is very important for any book. People judge a book by its cover. Cover can make or break your sales. Learn to create eye-catching cover. How to Get a Fantastic Cover From Your Designer I have revealed my own secret strategy for getting a PERFECT cover from the cover-designer for an affordable price. This never-before-revealed secret alone will save you hundreds of dollars. How to Deal with Writer's Block Every author has this issue. There are three reasons for this. The book explains the reasons and gives solutions to them. You will never again struggle with writer's block if you apply these solutions. How to Build and Keep the Momentum You can start your novel. Can you finish your 80k-word novel? Maybe not. Learn how to build and keep the momentum.

If your energy and momentum fizzle out, that's when you stop writing the novel and start postponing. Never let this happen. How to Have a Great Style Style is a very important element in writing a novel. Every author aspires to have this. Learn to have powerful style and great language skills. This book will help you to achieve it. This book will help you to have a magnificent writing style and language skills; your readers will adore you, and your editor will be happy. Power Tips and Techniques for Writers --How to create intriguing and fascinating novel that will get you raving fans. --How to write at least 500 words per day. --How to have an unlimited flow of powerful ideas for your novels. --How to network with other writers to hone your skills. --How to get NEW ideas and plots for your novel using a SIMPLE technique. --How to make more money without writing more books. This is a very POWERFUL tool underutilized by many authors.

--How big can your novel be? What novel size do readers like? Find out here and cater to your readers' needs. --Learn the best way to describe any scene or a character. --How to get the mood to write even though you want to watch TV.

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