The Admiral's War Prize

The Admiral's War Prize
October 2nd 2017
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Elizabeth Garret, a captain in the Earth Alliance, is exploring a distant star system when her ship is captured by the Chalon Empire, Earth’s most powerful rivals in the stars. While a prisoner onboard their flagship, Garret attracts the attention of the formidable Admiral Vahlan, a strategic genius feared and respected throughout Known Space. Against her better judgement, Garret finds herself drawn to the commanding Admiral, and he claims her as his property to do with as he pleases. As the Chalon war fleet heads on a secret mission to the outer edges of the galaxy, Garret finds herself torn between her duty to Earth, and the temptation of submitting to the Admiral’s desires. Note to reader: this is an erotic novelette of over 12 000 words containing graphic sexual content, submission, and domination.

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