The Ultimate Kindle Formatting Guide

The Ultimate Kindle Formatting Guide
April 29th 2014 by Timo Hofstee
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Do you want to sell MORE books? Formatting a book the right way so that it displays correctly on all the different electronic devices like Kindles, Pc's, mobiles and laptops can be a real headache. After having read a lot of articles, books and blog postings on the subject I didn't really find THE guide that fitted my requirements : complete, simple and straight forward.

Without the fluff. A better formatted book means : No negative reviews due to formatting issues and therefore : more SALES !! This guide takes you step by step, with lots of screenshots, through the whole process, how to format your Word document to make it look good and professional on any Kindle device. The Guide covers EVERYTHING you need to know (and more): headings, paragraphs, indents, bullet lists, table of contents, fonts and font sizes, colors, styles, negative margins, hyperlinks, bookmarks, images, TABs, indents, wildcard find & replace , Ecovers, uploading, testing and publishing. Once you have gone through this guide, all your following books will be a piece of cake to get them, in ONE go, onto Amazon. Who is this book for ? This book was written with the complete novice in mind. If you want to get simple and direct explanations on HOW to do the formatting, without being bothered about dpi, CMYK, Unicode, UTF-8 and other technical terms, then this book is for you.

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