Charles Darwin: A Life From Beginning to End

Charles Darwin: A Life From Beginning to End
September 25th 2016 by Hourly History
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Charles Darwin Charles Darwin thought he would be a clergyman after an uneventful childhood, where he hated school but loved the natural world. All that would change when he was allowed to be a part of a worldwide expedition to faraway lands. He was able to collect specimens and keep notes on all he experienced. Inside you will read about... ✓ Early Life and Education ✓ Round the World Aboard the Beagle ✓ Darwin's Evolutionary Theory ✓ Life Leading Up to Marriage ✓ Evolutionary Research ✓ The Theory of Natural Selection ✓ Darwin's Post-Publication Life And much more! This eBook takes a closer look at who Charles Darwin was, how he lived his everyday life and how influential he became; not just in his own day but into the modern world as well. Find out what interested his incredible mind and how Darwin presented his theories to a yet unsuspecting world. From beetles to butterflies, coral reefs and tropical islands, from apes to humans, learn how Charles Darwin's evidence speaks even to the world today.

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