Territories: A Cher Lockholmes Book

Territories: A Cher Lockholmes Book
July 24th 2015 by Spanielhill Publishing
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I’d been sitting in the Quarterhorse Pub contemplating my finances, or lack of, when a client walked in the door of my ‘office.’ My day went from zero to sixty just like that. Being an investigator for the paranormal community, I was used to being in the middle of the odd and the unusual. But investigating a murder among the elite Falke shifters for a client who’d rather shred my witness than wait for his answers, well, that made my day about as good as a Monday with a hangover. Could my day get any worse? “Oh, Cher, luv? Phone for you.” Max, the bar owner, was a major pain in my neck but also a good friend. I turned around and stepped back over to the bar. I reached for the receiver he held out to me. “Who is it?” I said, covering the mouthpiece. “It’s your mother.” Yeah, it just got worse. Books in the Cher Lockholmes series Book 1 - Territories Book 2 - Unpredictable Book 3 - Consequences

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