The Wine-Dark Sea of Grass: Mountain Meadows Massacre

The Wine-Dark Sea of Grass: Mountain Meadows Massacre
November 1st 2000 by Cedar Fort
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They believed they had left their fears behind. They traveled over fifteen hundred miles to escape persecution, only to find their hard-won peace threatened by the U.S. Army, as well as their old enemies from Missouri. What happened in the Mountain Meadows on that day in September of 1857 may never be fully understood, but author Marilyn Brown skillfully and sensitively evokes the layers of tragedy surrounding a people and place forever scarred by a brief moment in history. After the horror of Haun s Mill and Carthage, they thought they had found peace in their small community in southern Utah. But the nightmare of the Mountain Meadows Massacre still lay ahead. And its shadow would haunt them for the rest of their lives. For Elizabeth, who lost her family during the westward trek and loved a man beyond her reach—and perhaps beyond heaven s as well. For Jacob, who knew he would love one particular woman forever. For John Lee, whose reluctant obedience would shadow his name, his life, and the lives of his descendants for generations to come. About the Author: Marilyn McMeen Brown has always imagined bringing the history of Utah s unique culture to a place where it might be examined fairly by a curious national bystander. With half a dozen published novels to her credit (The Earthkeepers, Shadows of Angels, Royal House, Statehood, etc.) a history, (Provo, a Story of People in Motion) and four poetry books (Rainflowers, The Grandmother Tree, etc.) she has won prestigious local awards for her work: the Utah State Fine Arts Novel Award, the Brigham Young University Mayhew prize, the Randall Book Award, and the first novel award given by the Association for Mormon Letters. As a co-founder with her husband Bill of the VIP Arts Villa Theatre in Springville, she is also the author and producer of two musical stage plays. The couple lives in Hobble Creek Canyon and are parents of six children, grandparents of thirteen.

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