The Menagerie Series - Four Complete Novels (The Nimble Man, Tears of the Furies, Stones Unturned, Crashing Paradise)

The Menagerie Series - Four Complete Novels (The Nimble Man, Tears of the Furies, Stones Unturned, Crashing Paradise)
January 30th 2015 by Daring Greatly Corporation
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"Move over, X-Men and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, here comes the Menagerie!" - The Barnes & Noble Review Available for the first time in a single volume, this special bundle includes all four books in the Menagerie series from New York Times bestselling authors Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski. MEET THE MENAGERIE They're as hodge-podge a mix of other-worldly beings as anyone can imagine. But a sorcerer, a scientist, a sixteen-year-old demon, and the others all have one thing in common: a hunger for justice -- no matter what the cost. They are beings of myth and legend. They possess powers beyond imagining. They are our only hope. This bundle includes these four full-length novels: THE NIMBLE MAN: Behind the facade of a stately Boston brownstone, humanity's last defenses are being marshaled. Called to action by the enigmatic, brilliant man known only as Mr. Doyle, they hail from all planes of existence and are born from an array of supernatural and otherworldly backgrounds and bloodlines. But as the group struggles to come to terms with their shadowy pasts, personal demons, and conflicting loyalties, their greatest challenge awaits them. Together, they will confront the minions of utter darkness, who have already begun their quest to resurrect the most malevolent of the fallen angels -- and whose wrath against mankind knows no bounds . . . THE TEARS OF THE FURIES When word comes to Doyle of a series of inexplicable deaths in and around Athens -- men and women turned from living flesh into cold stone -- he dispatches the Menagerie to investigate. But he soon follows when he realizes that he has sent them into a far greater danger than he imagined. For the queen of the Gorgons herself has risen. To defeat her, the group will have to descend into Hell itself . . . and some may not return. STONES UNTURNED A powerful, demonic force has escaped from the infernal realm -- putting the human world in dire peril. It seeks an ally in Danny Ferrick, the youngest member of the Menagerie -- a changeling who is already tormented by his dark, primal urges, the legacy of his demon father. Tempted into sampling the horrific but thrilling existence of a full-fledged demon, Danny is on the edge of renouncing all that makes him human. Now time is running out for the other members of Doyle's team as they struggle to save their friend from falling into darkness -- and taking all of humanity with him . . . CRASHING PARADISE The Legion of Doom is hell-bent on breaking into Eden, and they've got the perfect captive to help them: Eve, mother of all humanity -- and all vampires. Only Doyle and the Menagerie can stop them from turning a bed garden into a paradise lost. "Fast, fabulous, and thrilling. . .

. The Menagerie novels deliver like a mythical punch to the forehead."--Tim Lebbon, author of Dawn, Dusk, and Beserk "A non-stop, crazy-ass parade of two-fisted monster action! I want more!" - Mike Mignola

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