I'd Rather Be Ya Hitta 2: Finding Love in Little Havana

I'd Rather Be Ya Hitta 2: Finding Love in Little Havana
May 29th 2017 by Royalty Publishing House
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After learning the truth about Jaiyce, Empriss is thrown into a whirlwind as she tries to juggle her past and her present without causing any more damage to her relationship with Hamin but when her curiosity behind Jaiyce’s reappearance goes too far, she leads the enemy right to their doorstep without thinking of the consequences at hand. Will her actions be the downfall of them all or will it be a bing in disguise? With the world crumbling at Hamin’s feet, he will do anything to protect the ones he loves, even if that means running into a war zone blind. But when the threat to his reality isn’t the person he thought it was, how can he separate the truth from the lies? Khalid finds himself questioning everything he’s ever known to discover the truth about his past but when he kicks up a little too much dirt, can he handle everything that he uncovers? The old saying, be careful what you go looking for because you just may find it, becomes all too real in his situation but what if discovering the truth does more harm than good? In the next installment of I’d Rather Be Ya Hitta join the crew as they go up against old enemies and some new as they try to find out what pieces they play in this twisted chess game. Can they take the pressure from the past or will it all be too much to bear?

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