Death's Dark Horse

Death's Dark Horse
October 6th 2014
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What would you do if someone knew your darkest secret? January Chevalier hates being back in Hailfield. Her younger sister, Jo, has been spotted hanging around Witchwood’s vampire population and their parents are sure she’s getting herself into trouble. But when January tries to intervene, Jo gallops off in a cloud of dust. Literally. Now all she wants to do is play bass guitar, bake cakes, and find her sister again, but trouble always seems to find her. It’s probably something to do with her other job as a vampire slaying, bounty hunter. When January is instructed to kill someone a bit too close to her heart, will her feelings interfere with her ability to terminate her target? About the author: Ruby Loren devours paranormal romance books by the bundle and is delighted to share her passion for supernatural novels with the world. She made lots and lots of cakes in order to gain experience to write this paranormal romance series.

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