Booze for BabesTM: The Smart Woman's Guide to Drinking Spirits Right

Booze for BabesTM: The Smart Woman's Guide to Drinking Spirits Right
January 4th 2014 by Hundred Proof Publishing Co.
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Booze for Babes™ is a must-have manual for the lady who loves good food but is not yet spirits-savvy. Though the title is tongue-in-cheek, it's actually a serious spirits reference. Working to blow the lid off of the women-don’t-know-jack-about-liquor stereotype by celebrating lady bartenders, distillers and spirits experts, author Kayleigh Kulp empowers all tipplers to buy, drink and serve better liquor in a fun but non-pandering way. Readers learn: • Why every lady should know her liquor • A short history of ladies’ on-again, off-again relationship with the hard stuff • How to choose a quality gin, whiskey, rum, tequila, brandy, vodka or liqueur, and look cool doing it • How to tell a marketing ploy on a label from the real deal • How to train your palate and hone your taste • How to mix business and booze • How to build a well-equipped home bar • How to entertain with spirits in a way that honors old-fashioned traditions and impresses guests • Dozens of recipes for cocktails, bitters, vermouth, liqueurs, and more The foreword was written by Lynnette Marrero, co-founder of Speed Rack and NYC president of Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails.

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