The Now or Never Moment: Freshman Year

The Now or Never Moment: Freshman Year
March 9th 2017
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*This is not the Omnibus Edition. This is the first novella by itself.* :) Tanner writes Shelby a love letter of epic proportions, but by the time she reads it, he’s already gone. Shelby Dudek and Tanner Tally have been inseparable ever since freshman year after she intervened with his face getting pummeled in. Fast forward four intense years--Shelby is leaving for college. Without Tanner. Three days before she’s set to move, he hands her an envelope with explicit instructions: In no way shape or form is she to open the envelope until she is perfectly settled in at school. She is not to even think of it until then. No one has seen Tanner since that moment. Shelby opens the envelope and starts to read out loud to her roommate in hopes of finding some answers, but she starts to get answers to questions she never thought to ask. And in the letter, high school has only just begun.

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