You're Much Bigger Than My Dreams

You're Much Bigger Than My Dreams
September 17th 2017
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What is Love? Not even 10% people of this planet will give the same answer. Probably it has more meanings than any other English word. It took fifteen years for Digvijay to understand it's true meaning and a cup of coffee for Sidhesh Banerjee to know it's worth! Who is Sidhesh, and why is he so interested in Digvijay's story? Is it out of his-own-interest or because of their mutual relation with a specific woman? Buckle up and endeavour a fifteen-year-old tale of love, life, hatred, family, emotions, friendship, success and failure! Based on True Incidents of every common's life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Yazi Krishna, aka Mohana Sri Krishna Yazi Kuchibhotla, is currently pursuing his final year in Btech. He is also a Short Film Maker and has directed six short films. He is also an entrepreneur.

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