Chaos Within My Soul

Chaos Within My Soul
September 26th 2017
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Ricky Davis has never had an easy life, nor has he wanted to play by the rules. At age nine he witnessed two police officers beating up his father and vowed never to let the cops shake him down. As Ricky grows older, the high of breaking the law is too much to resist. At thirteen, “Ricky D” starts burglarizing homes and stealing. By fifteen, he’s progressed to drug dealing. His street credibility is everything, especially since he’s seen his own father sneaking around and making similar moves. One day, when his abusive father tries to beat him with a jack for forgetting to replace a tire, Ricky decides he’s had enough. He goes off on his own but never finds the “home” he’s searching for. Life, in fact, only seems to get worse as time goes on: his mentor is shot dead, a detective is on his tail, the mother of his child betrays him, and prison time looms. Ricky’s life is in utter chaos, and the drugs and women do nothing to dull the pain. He sees only one way out, but is he man enough to take it?

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