Giving Something Back

Giving Something Back
July 5th 2004 by Hancock House Publishing
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A heart warming story of a non-native who lives on an Indian Reserve as a young boy. His family runs the general store and are the only white people on the reserve.

He learns many things living with the Indians, such as how they survive in the wilderness and how they live in harmony with nature. In his later years he travels to the Yukon where he befriends an Indian woman and her two children. The four of them spend the winter living in a tepee deep in the woods. This story recounts the fun times and the harsh times where, at forty below zero, they have a running battle with a wolverine who invades their food supply. Later on a grizzly bear wrecks their tepee and threatens to kill them. Within the book, the author tells tree separate and unique grizzly bear stories, one of which ultimately saves their lives. This is not a story of man against nature, but one of living in harmony with nature, of people sharing and caring for one another.

It tells how the harsh conditions bring them all closer, forming a lifetime bond. While this story is presented primarily as fiction, it is based on factual events, people and places. Interwoven, too, is the true military history of the author's per

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