Releasing Me: A Novel by Melissa Payne

Releasing Me: A Novel by Melissa Payne
July 2nd 2015 by Melissa DeDomenico-Payne/Payneless Projects
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Inspired by true events, the fictional novel Releasing Me is the story of Meredith Pearson's journey to healing from childhood sexual abuse. The novel begins at the moment Meredith enters the sheriff's department and meets the lead investigator. I had a rush of thoughts.

"Because my mother said she was going shopping for antiques. Because she's not leaving him.

Because my friend told me that my step-father was cheating on her and I want to give her one more chance to escape. Because the Commonwealth Attorneys’ office told me there was no statute of limitations for child abuse. Because I was told you would be the person to help me." Somehow I began a response and the words flowed faster and faster as I described the years of pain that had led me to today's visit. From there, Meredith shares her decade-long process of working through memories, dreams, family dysfunction, and the traumas and joys of life until she eventually finds peace through spiritual insight.

Releasing Me helps provide valuable insight into the thoughts, emotions, and experiences that many victims face during their healing process. Beyond that, Releasing Me is relevant to all people who wish to believe that the human spirit can prevail regard of the circumstances laid out in this life.

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