Beginning with Jesus

Beginning with Jesus
January 4th 2004 by Abingdon Press
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Thirteen chapters present Jesus the Christ borrowing three images of journey. The first is "The Journey of Jesus." This is the story of the historical Jesus told in the four Gospels of the New Testament, the complete story beginning with the high drama of God's promises to Abraham and continuing with the panoply of Jesus' faith predecessors which culminates with the advent of Jesus. The second is "The Journey About Jesus" during which we probe the significance of Jesus. The journey includes the New Testament witness and details the church's historical movement from rule of faith to ecumenical creed. The third is "The Journey With Jesus." It begins with the admission that knowing Jesus entails far more than knowing or even confessing the church's Christological beliefs. Christology is also learning to know Jesus in the life of discipleship. This study resource with two sets of questions - teaching questions and discussion questions - is a thoroughly evangelical and Wesleyan resource designed for the broad spectrum of adult students.

It can be used both in the classroom and in small group settings.

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