Lecture Notes: Clinical Biochemistry

Lecture Notes: Clinical Biochemistry
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"Lecture Notes: Clinical Biochemistry" presents the fundamental science underpinning common chemical investigations used in clinical practice.

It takes a practically relevant approach that enables medical students and junior doctors to: Understand the value and limitations of chemical investigations Develop the skill to select appropriate investigations for diagnosis and management Interpret investigations correctly Develop a critical approach to diagnostic investigations "Lecture Notes: Clinical Biochemistry" takes a system-based approach. The underlying physiological rationale for any test is explained in the context of disruption by disease. This leads naturally to an integrated and practical understanding of chemical diagnostics. Case studies at the end of each chapter provide a clinical setting to help develop test-selection skills. "Lecture Notes: Clinical Biochemistry" provides the essential background to chemical investigations for medical students, junior doctors on foundation programmes, and nurses and practitioners involved in requesting or providing diagnostic service.

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