What God Really Wants You to Know

What God Really Wants You to Know
February 2nd 2009 by Heavenlight Press
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Religion is under attack today. But it is the original true teachings of the world's religions driving the backlash, or man's misguided interpretations of those truths? While virtually all true believers claim their God embodies love and goodness, it often seems like the world's great religions disagree on most important issues. A growing number of individuals and interfaith organizations say that's a myth. In this groundbreaking and exhaustively researched book, David Lundberg convincingly demonstrates that it's the common held teachings of every major faith that are the real story, and what's more, they have the power and promise to being us all together. Through a systematic exploration of over 800 key excerpts from the world's sacred texts, the author distills 33 principles, common to all world religions, that form the foundation of love, wisdom, personal power, and abundant life. These essential principles easily resonate within us, as they are one with our true, divine, and eternal nature.

They form the foundation and the heart of spirituality and religion. Regard of your faith, following these shared principles will enable you to: Be fully and totally tuned in to God Incorporate love into every aspect of your life Experience higher levels of peace and joy Take control of your life and achieve success Improve the quality of all your relationships Rediscover your zest for living Given that all we share, established in these pages, is far grander than what we don't if enough people embrace these time truths, world peace could become a real possibility. Whether you're a new or seasoned spiritual seeker, churchgoer, world peace advocate, or religious scholar, this exquisite collection of spiritual teachings will inspire and empower you to enjoy a life of greater love, wisdom, and success.

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