Manhattan LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide

Manhattan LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide
March 15th 2011 by Manhattan Prep Publishing
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A fresh, innovative, and streamlined approach to the LSAT, featuring techniques geared towards students aiming for top scores. The Manhattan LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide is an essential tool for a surprisingly tricky part of the LSAT. While you do know how to read, can you read with the speed, clarity and comprehension that top LSAT scores require? The underlying premise of this book is that since the LSAT is designed to predict one’s ability to do well in law school, reading like a law student will naturally prepare you to answer the questions quickly and correctly. This guide trains you to approach the LSAT as a law student would approach a legal text, actively and with a purpose. The Manhattan LSAT approach leads to faster and more effective reading, thus preparing you to more easily tackle tough questions. Furthermore, you’ll learn how the LSAT creates tricky wrong answers so that you’re better equipped to avoid them. Each chapter has drills and full practice sets to help you absorb and apply what you’ve learned. The Manhattan LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide can serve as a stand-alone book or as part of a complete self-study program that includes the other Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guides, Online Class Recordings, and Practice Books.

Special features include online access to additional practice problems.

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