Pete's Gold

Pete's Gold
September 1st 2008 by Ronsdale Press
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Pete's Gold, a novel for readers ten and up, is a captivating book of adventure that will appeal in particular to boys. Armstrong takes the classic adventure story of the search for gold and updates it with the inclusion of a young boy's contemporary problems.

Pete has been sent to stay with his grandmother in the country for the summer because his parents are splitting up.

At first, he thinks country life will be boring, but that is before he hears of a hidden stash of gold - gold that may allow his grandmother to keep the farm that is heavily mortgaged. Along the way, Pete makes new friends. He also finds himself being chased by a ghost, trapped in a cave with a skeleton, and lost on the far side of the lake, far from help. Through the stories told by his grandmother, and with the companionship of a wonderful dog, Pete begins to discover what really matters to him. Although he has always had a hard time talking to adults, by helping his grandmother, Pete discovers a new sense of maturity and self-confidence. In this adventurous but also sensitive story, Luanne Armstrong draws us into a world of discovery, fun, friendship and family.

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