A Good Death: On the Value of Death and Dying

A Good Death: On the Value of Death and Dying
September 1st 2004 by Open University Press
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-Is there such a thing as a good death? -Should we be able to choose how we wish to die? -What are the ethical considerations that surround a good death? The notion of a 'good death' plays an important role in modern palliative care and remains a topic for lively debate. Using philosophical methods and theories, this book provides a critical analysis of Western notions surrounding the dying process in the palliative care context. Sandman highlights how our changing ideas about the value of life inevitably shape the concept of a good death. He explores the varying perspectives on the good death that come from friends, family, physicians, spiritual carers and others close to the dying person. Setting out a number of arguments for and against existing thinking about a good death, this book links to the practice of palliative care in several key areas including: -An exploration of the universal features of dying -The process of facing death -Preparation for death -The environment of dying and death The author concludes that it is difficult to find convincing reasons for any one way to die a good death and argues for a pluralist approach. "A Good Death" is essential reading for students and professionals with an interest in palliative care and end-of-life issues.

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