Beach of Dreams

Beach of Dreams
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When giant carcasses wash ashore after a fierce storm, researcher Simon Rodan is called out to investigate. What was he witnessing? Surreal. Dreamlike. Memorable.

All three have been used to describe Fran Friel's novelette "Beach of Dreams." Apex Publications is pleased to bring horror star Fran Friel to the Alien Shots program! Novelette: Beach of Dreams 7800 words Sample: With dawn still hours away, the storm howled in the cavernous spaces between the carcasses on the beach. Simon Rodan’s lantern swayed in the wind, casting a dance of wan light and shadows on the giant forms, impossible to see them in their entirety from his vantage. Beached giants was all he could think when he saw the dark, life shapes crowding the shore. Koma, the villager who had alerted him to the disaster, huddled with the other fisherman around the fire in the cooking shelter between the palm trees. They stayed well away from the bodies on the beach. Simon overcame the initial shock of the scene, his training as a researcher kicking in. Stomping through the sand, he pulled tools and specimen bags from the pockets of his tattered khaki vest. He took samples of blue and green skin, and some brown, the texture of lizard skin, and he clipped small pieces from golden fish scales the size of dinner plates. Winded from climbing around dozens of bodies in the heavy storm, Simon pushed on, cutting pieces of billowing wet fabric: white linen; colored polka dots; black silk.

And finally, with heavy wire cutters, he snipped bits of bright red hair and brown fur, the strands as thick as cables. Fumbling inside his vest, Simon tried to protect his camera from the rain with a baggie. He ran up and down the spaces between the life giants, snapping pictures, desperate to document the incredible images. He felt a strange split in his mind – focusing on the task at hand and an eerie concern for what he was witnessing. What was he witnessing?

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