Hot and Tasty: The First Course

Hot and Tasty: The First Course
February 4th 2015 by Phazeologie Publishing
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Hot and Tasty:The First Course, introduces you to lifelong friends, Sophia Richards and Julia Williams. Sophia is a beautiful full figured woman with no problems attracting men and avoids relationships at all costs.She is busy running her catering company Costes with her partner, Carmen. Her no relationship policy is tested when one of New York city's most captivating men, Antonio Lioni,of the Lioni real estate empire enters her life one summer night. Julia Williams is a devoted wife which is determined to keep her marriage together even though her husband is straying. When an unexpected encounter spirals her life out of control will Julia be able to recover and move forward? Hot and Tasty:The First Course is a story of friendship,family,love,passion and food. It is story on how even though life interrupts their chances at happiness they find a way to continue seeking it.

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