The Curse of Elspeth Armstrong

The Curse of Elspeth Armstrong
December 8th 2014
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Bryn Brodrick has all she ever dreamt of. Orphaned as a young teen, she finally finds happiness when she meets the perfect man and lands the perfect job.

She truly believes that everything really is perfect until she meets Callum Reid and her world is turned upside down. A visiting historian to the museum where Bryn works, Callum finds himself immediately and passionately attracted to his new co-worker. Despite declaring that the married Bryn is off-limits to him, he can not resist the strange connection he feels for her. He is drawn to her physically and emotionally, intrigued by her tale of tragedy which has affected each generation of her family since the turn of the century. Researching her story secretly, he is stunned to discover that they share a history. Callum and Bryn grow closer as they try to discover if the legend of a curse on her family, placed by his ancestors, is genuine and whether or not it can be ended.

Telling the story of two women, Bryn and her great-grandmother Josephine, The Curse of Elspeth Armstrong explores the dark side of temptation, guilt, infidelity, and loss.

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