The Firestorm Election

The Firestorm Election
August 20th 2012 by Patrick Yearly
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In this short novel, a shocking and unprecedented national crisis has erupted just one week before Americans head to the polls. The incumbent Democratic president has been assassinated by an Iranian national.

Although there is no evidence, the government of Iran is quickly accused in the media as the mastermind behind the shooting as an act of retaliation for the severe economic sanctions imposed by the United States. Another stunning setback occurs when the vice-president is felled by a fatal heart attack just hours after taking the oath. Enter the Republican Speaker of the House who becomes the third president in than a day as the reins of power shift to the GOP. The election must be postponed while the Democrats select a new ticket.

Sensing weakness in the caretaker US government, Iran threatens that sanctions must be revoked within days or they will launch an attack in the Persian Gulf to shut down the supply of oil.

The world nervously awaits the outcome.

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