Tears of Hope: An Inspirational, True Story from the Middle Eastern Cinderella

Tears of Hope: An Inspirational, True Story from the Middle Eastern Cinderella
February 1st 2006 by A. Riley Publishing
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Tears of Hope is the riveting story of a middle eastern woman that recounts the tragedy after tragedy she has experienced throughout her lifetime. War. Poverty. Escaping death three times. Burying 13 close family members by the age of 26. Sexual and physical child abuse. Neglect. Fourth-grade education. Severe Dyslexia. Marriage at 14. Motherhood at 15. Psychological and emotional abuse. Domestic violence.

Single motherhood. Immigration. Culture shock. Bankruptcy. Fighting for her teenage daughter. Becoming a grandmother at 32. Dealing with her mother's breast cancer. Any one of these tragedies or struggles could easily cripple a person. So how did one woman manage to not only survive all of these misfortunes but also overcome them to establish a happy marriage, develop a business, and become a United States citizen? Although it's against Middle Eastern culture to open up about such intimate, personal matters, in an effort to help others realize that it is possible to overcome life's greatest challenges-no matter how hope a situation may appear-when you keep hope alive. Learn more about Middle Eastern culture. See maps and special reports. Tears of Hope donates one dollar from every book or CD sold to war victims, dyslexia education, and women & children in need.

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