Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect
July 24th 2012 by Endevour Press
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Matt Brennan, a brilliant young investment banker in the City of London, is celebrating his greatest deal yet: orchestrating a mega-merger that will transform the electronics industry.

He is rich and successful beyond his wildest hopes. But his personal life is a mess. Fed up with his constant work, his wife is about to walk out on him. And he is plagued by mysterious dreams ...of the Inquisition. When Matt travels to Carcassonne in Southern France to buy a house he hopes will put his marriage and his life back together, he is plunged into the mysteries of the Cathar Sect, a fanatical branch of mediaeval Catholicism also known as the 'the Perfects'. As he unlocks their secrets, his life is at stake.

And Matt Brennan is about to discover that no man, and no religion, is ever perfect. 'Almost Perfect' is an enthralling thriller that straddles the centuries with consummate skill. It combines the plotting of Dan Brown, with the action of Steve Berry, and historical knowledge of Kate Mosse, and the story-telling of Lee Child. 'A knock-out book. John Childress is at the top of his game.” - Matt Lynn, author of the best-selling Death Force thrillers. “A brilliant, thrilling combination of the ancient and modern.” - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off.

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