Anaconda: The Writer's Cut

Anaconda: The Writer's Cut
January 15th 2014 by Baloon Foot Press
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As the original writer of the hit movie Anaconda, my ebook novel, ANACONDA: The Writer's Cut, is now available from Amazon. ($4.99, 4.

3 – 87 reviews, 365 pages). “It has been said that, among the continents, South America will teach it to you: God and the Devil are the same; this last great reservoir of primordial wilderness is at once both Garden of Eden and green sweltering Hell.” An epic adventure, Anaconda tells the story of twenty-something, middle-school biology teacher Andie Easter and six young colleagues who, in the dead of a Chicago winter, hatch a plan to spend their summer in Brazil, hoping to reverse their meager fortunes by joining a modern-day gold rush on a tributary of the mighty Amazon. Disoriented and increasingly isolated, the treasure hunters find themselves journeying though the remote domains of three colossal snakes: daughter, mother, grandmother. One by one, under terrifying circumstances, the teachers fall victim to the devastating effects of gold fever and the relent brutality of the primeval South American jungle. Andie Easter must discover her inner Amazon as she struggles to survive the Mother of All Snakes. If you have a few moments to spare, your Amazon review will be greatly appreciated.

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