Dark Covenant

Dark Covenant
December 23rd 2015 by Sweetbriar Creek Publishing Company
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An ancient prophecy. A dark family secret. A promise to a dying sister. On a Pennsylvania mountain road, young Caroline Hartmann encounters the mysterious Baron Merrick von Hayden who has traveled from Germany to wed her older sister in a marriage contract between the two families. The beautiful Ilse allows herself to be swept off her feet and taken to Europe, only to learn the Hartmanns and von Haydens possessed dark powers that had faded over time. Convinced she has conceived the spawn of the devil who will cause death and destruction with supernatural powers, Isle slips into madness as she pleads for her sister to take her baby back to America. Unaware of the sinister maze of dark secrets and forbidden passions around her, Caroline devises a clever scheme to pass the baby off as her own and escape. But terrible secrets are revealed and dangerous threats are made against her life. "A unique tale of sensuality with fascinating characters in an intriguing plot." —Jill Marie Landis

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