The Naked Butler

The Naked Butler
2007 by Changeling Press
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It's the beginning of the year and Marilyn is already having the year from hell… emphasis on hell. Her perfect boyfriend left her for his male secretary; her editors told her she was minutes from getting the knife; and the brand new car she bought just got wrecked by the city's latest masked defender -- the Bellissimo Bandit. With her thirty-sixth birthday staring her in the face, Marilyn makes an oath to stay away from men -- translation, no sex. Unfortunately for her, her best friend sends her the perfect gift to help her get out of the literary rut that has placed her writing career on the line. When she wakes up to find her birthday gift standing on her doorstep in a tight tee and an even tighter pair of jeans, she is sure Rosalinda's gift is a gag. Unfortunately for her, her gift, the Naked Butler, is hers for a whole fourteen days. Marilyn’s not sure she can keep her oath to herself when there is a very healthy, sexy, nearly naked man willing to do her every bidding. But the real question is… what is she going to do when she finds out that the very Bandit she hates might be the same Butler she lusts after and needs?

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