The God Helmet

The God Helmet
June 12th 2015
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The helmet is the invention of Arthur Lindsey, a professor of neuropsychology, who spent his career developing the device which evokes a sensation described as the presence of God. Arthur now lives in a nursing home, having suffered a sudden and catastrophic stroke at his desk. Unable to communicate or care for himself, Arthur's only remaining faculty is his mind, from which thoughts flow freely and unfettered. Arthur’s wife, Eleanor and his two adult children, Marvel and Warren struggle to move on with their lives while trying to sustain a meaningful connection to Arthur who remains frozen in his body, elusive and unavailable to them. Gene, Marvel’s boyfriend, discovers the helmet and all of Arthur's papers. His enthusiasm for Arthur’s research mystifies the family. Gene is determined to find a way to unravel this body of scientific work, certain there are clues to be discovered that would explain the mysteries of mind control, God and possibly death. Gene is convinced that Arthur understands what is said to him and they spend many hours together studying the science behind the helmet. Unbeknownst to the family, Gene’s ultimate goal is to run the experiments, so he can feel the ‘sensed presence of God’, as Arthur’s helmet promises. The God Helmet follows Arthur’s journey from trying to tackle the inherent controversy of a real God, to coming to terms with life dependent on the care and goodwill of others. And Gene’s journey, trying to find answers in Arthur’s research that will settle his mind before he must face life’s inevitable end.

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