Curve Fix

Curve Fix
February 16th 2018
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Best friend since forever, fake engagement, life’s about to get real! Environmental lawyer Gemma Fine is leaving a disastrous day at work when her best friend calls with an emergency. Owen Caryl has more than one bundle of trouble on his hands, but it’s his best friend, not a lawyer, that he needs. To prevent a family emergency from turning into a tragedy, Gemma pretends to be Owen’s fiancée. That means taking him, and his troubles, into her home. The fake engagement would be easier if she hadn’t spent half her life desiring Owen. Easier still if she didn’t have his big, hard body in bed beside her, sharing his heat, a rasp in his voice as he captures her hand and pulls her to him. She desperately needs to know if it’s desire burning in his dark brown gaze… Or tomorrow’s reflection of her broken heart.

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