A Troubled Soul (A Tale From Willow Green Village Book 2)

A Troubled Soul (A Tale From Willow Green Village Book 2)
June 8th 2015 by Raven Crest Books
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A ghostly tale from Willow Green This is a ghostly tale, from the voice of Kate Oliver, who lived with her family in Hill Top Farm, which lies on the edge of Willow Green. Her story begins when she is four years old, enjoying a birthday party with friends. Following a curious compulsion to gaze up towards her bedroom window, she perceives the sad face of a woman, enveloped in a shimmering grey vapour, looking down upon her. This unexpected occurrence is just the start of her turbulent journey of relationships, love and murder. Beth, the daughter of Josie and Max Forrester, is Kate’s best friend, and through the years a strong bond grows between the two women. A school reunion, being organised by Beth, is disrupted when poisoned pen letters begin to arrive in the normally peaceful village of Willow Green, bringing the recipients a great deal of distress. Events take an even nastier direction, when someone reaps revenge. Kate’s troubled life, has so many intriguing twists and turns, believe me when I say, they will keep you guessing right to the end.

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