Runaway and the forgotten prisoners: Auto biography

Runaway and the forgotten prisoners: Auto biography
2000 by Runaway Pub
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This is the year 2001, but 23 years ago in 1978 in a Texas prison something happened that no one outside the prison knew anything about. In October 1978, the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC) Director, W.

J. Estelle, imposed a News Blackout (a form of media censorship) on the TDC Department of Operations concerning a prisoner riot at one of the TDC units that included hundreds of inmates and which resulted in many injuries to the prisoners. The State of Texas never released any information on the casualties and never really admitted anything ever happened. Charles Cofield the author, survived the 14-hour prisoner riot in October 1978 at the TDC in which a news blackout (a form of media censorship) was imposed. The author of this book relates the true story of what really happened during this prison riot, and which has never been told to the public. Charles Cofield has many things to say concerning whether convicts can be rehabilitated inside a prison. The author says, "The prison as I knew it will not rehabilitate anyone; those who succeed, rehabilitate themselves; they do it in spite of the prison." The author spent four years doing hard time in prison and is one of the very few inmates of such prisons who successfully turned around his life on his own.

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