August 3rd 2016
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For her entire life, raised in the brimming town of Newmarket, all Marcii Dougherty has known is the hustle and bustle of trade and commerce. Entirely concealed amidst the buzz of the market stalls, yet somehow blatantly obvious at the same time, something is dreadfully wrong. Cattle and townsfolk alike are being slaughtered in the depths of the night and their bloodied remains left strewn about for all to see. Tyran, a man with questionable motives, has elevated himself to the position of Newmarket's saviour. Now Mayor, he has the power to do as he pleases.

Using fear as his weapon, he convinces the people of Newmarket that witches are responsible for the attacks. Although innocent, those who stand accused of summoning evil spirits to plague the town have no hope against Tyran's ever growing army. The furious young Dougherty finds herself utterly help to do anything, as Tyran delivers his dreadful justice. But, when one of her dearest friends is found guilty of witchcraft, Marcii can't help but try to intervene, no matter the consequences.

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