Boys Vs Men: The Definition of A Man

Boys Vs Men: The Definition of A Man
August 7th 2017 by Its All 1 Luv
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I do not know what your definition of a man is, but without exploration, neither do you. We are taught what it is to be a man, sometimes by women or grown boys. We are shown what we should act like every time we turn on the TV or listen to music. We follow the same grown boys who follow the same messages. We are taught to believe we’re becoming men based off how well we emulate others who mirror what they see. The Earth was once said to be flat, and everyone alive knew that to be true.

The Earth being flat was not an opinion, it was a fact. Further examination, research and thought proved that, and count other “facts” to be wrong. Similarly, we all think things to be true, and live by them without considering that we have been taught wrong. This is an opportunity for that consideration. There are 52 different topics presented. Each topic shows an example of how a boy might behave, VS a man in the same situation. This book is designed in a way unlike most books. It is designed in a way where you have the power. Insight given in this book welcomes criticism and invites readers to come to their own conclusions, instead of traditional readings that present theories or opinions as fact. This is not an attempt to have you agree with me, but rather have you become more secure in what your definition of a man is.

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