Island Daze: Episode 1

Island Daze: Episode 1
March 13th 2014
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A sun soaked island paradise... A debonair millionaire adventurer... A sinister secret. The Hideaway is a magnificent tropical paradise, an exclusive retreat for the elite of Elevation Industries. Those invited there by Maverick, the CEO, consider themselves among a lucky few. A sniff of the powerful, adventurous millionaire's inner circle, a couple weeks of the good life, living in a mansion perched over an ideallic waterfall -- what could be better? But the debauched, feverish partying soon turns into anxiety as word of a mysterious virus comes from the mainland. And then, strange things start to happen on The Hideaway. Who can be trusted? And could a luxurious dream end up being a nightmare? Island Daze: Episode 1 is the first part of a campy, fast-paced, post-apocalyptic survival thriller serial. What happens when the lights of civilization goes out -- and who comes in to pick up the pieces? But what appears to be a luxurious dream might actually be a nightmare...

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