Happenstance 1

Happenstance 1
March 7th 2015
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Set in the wild, sweeping fells of England's Lakeland in 1811, Happenstance: Volume 1 is the first installment in a serialized regency era romance saga.

It chronicles the story of a spirited young lady's struggle for independence as she learns unlocking her heart may be the only way to set herself free. Headstrong and longing for adventure, Ada has no plans of chaining herself to "the stale province of dutiful wife and mother". But when a shocking tragedy upends the charmed life she once knew, she can no longer live on the generosity of her father. After freedom is stripped from her hands, Ada's determination for independence is tested as never before. Will she accept a marriage of convenience or face permanent exile from her home? Please Note: This is a work of serialized fiction, not a complete novel in one volume. Much like your favorite TV series, each installment builds upon the previous one and plot lines move forward to completion in subsequent volumes.

Each volume is approximately 100 pages/30,000 words.

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