The Magic Dumligo

The Magic Dumligo
November 2nd 2016 by Authorhouse
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Billy and Annie, on their 13th birthday, are on a lake in their boat fishing, when a mysterious purple mist descends and turns into a purple beckoning finger. Fear, they follow the finger until vaguely through the mist, they see a banner on a gate with boldly printed words. 'Welcome to Far-ago Magic Island.' Enter at your own peril! Despite the grave warning, they row on through the gateway until they come to a jetty. Then, in order of appearance in the fantasy, we meet the characters. Egnaro: a beautiful girl with orange skin, who welcomes them eagerly.

The dumligo: a strange three horned pony that has magic power. Terominus: a dreaded giant Cyclops, ruler of the island, who changes his appearance at will. Deceiving trolls and Ersatz the dragon. Ortll: a giant troll who takes the twins, on an adventurous journey, to his cave. Regano: a captive and slave to Terominus on the Blackside of the Island. She gives the twins hope and encouragement during their captivity in his den.

Billy, Annie, Terominus, the dumligo, Ortll and Regano form the core of the adventure. Does Billy have a weapon? Yes! The dumligo, but how does it help them? Will the twins escape from Terominus's dungeon or will Agrilla, a deadly black widow spider on guard, stop them in their attempt? Will Billy slay Terominus who can be animal, insect, or bird? After their great but terrifying adventure, will the twins survive and return home to their Near-Ago World, safely?

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