Freak Fall: From the Apocalyptic Saga of a Fallen Prophet

Freak Fall: From the Apocalyptic Saga of a Fallen Prophet
September 22nd 2015 by Headwaters Christian Resources
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High above Mark Hanson's back deck, a feathery silver plume records the leisurely descent of 300 passengers preparing to land in Denver. But in one explosive flash, everything changes forever. Plucked from the snow of a Colorado ski valley, a mysterious survivor claims that on a day of planet-wide terror, he was saved by God to deliver a startling message for the end of the world. The stranger's apocalyptic prophecies have captured the media's imagination, and Mark finds himself thrust into the role of wingman for the ever-baffling "Freak." But as the unlikely duo joins forces with a team of tight-lipped security professionals and the beautiful reporter Saundra Paige, Mark has his doubts. He questions Freak's visions of angels and "Dark Riders," and he nervously watches the news as millions of frightened citizens respond to predictions of epic disasters and impending doom. Disillusioned and ready to bail, Mark is suddenly caught short. Television reports are coming in via live broadcasts from around the world. And the news not good....

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